Outdoor Masonry Mortar Damage Guide


Whether it's used for patio paving, retaining walls, or low garden barriers, masonry and brick are a common sight in many landscapes. Mortared brickwork is sealed together with a cement-like mortar, which holds the bricks in more securely compared to dry-fit methods. Over time, though, the mortar can fail. Causes of Mortar Damage Age and moisture are the main things that lead to damaged, failing mortar. As the mortar ages, it can develop small hairline cracks or chips.

3 March 2021

3 Reasons to Splurge on Wood Fencing to Update Your Home


Looking for new wood fencing to have installed at home can come with some questions over what is going to last and what you can expect it to look like. If you want the fencing to turn out great and are worried about the cost or what's involved in getting it to turn out the way you expect, the following tips can help a lot with feeling good about having wood fencing installed and feeling comfortable with the cost involved.

15 January 2021