4 Ways To Care For Your Lawn


Lawn maintenance is an important aspect of any garden, especially when the winter turns to spring and your grass starts to experience new growth. It is important to properly care for your lawn when the spring comes around so that in the summer you can experience a wonderful garden that is healthy and vibrant. Lawn care is simple, however it does require that you stay on top of it and regularly maintain the grass.

22 December 2015

Fixing A Deck: How Can You Tell Which Wood Needs To Be Replaced?


When fixing a deck, it's important to examine all the wood above and below the surface of the deck to find out which pieces need to be replaced. As you look for wood that needs to be replaced, you'll need to know how identify the warning signs that indicate wood is no longer structurally sound. This will help you make your deck safe for your family. How can you tell which wood needs to be replaced if you're fixing a deck?

21 November 2015

3 Tips For Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden On An Apartment Patio


Living in an apartment can put a damper on all your decorating and DIY aspirations. Sometimes there is just not enough space to include all of the amenities that you often find in a house. You may have considered growing your own vegetable garden, but thought that your apartment could not handle it. However, an apartment patio happens to be the perfect location for a vegetable garden. It does not have the same open space as a typical garden, but if used correctly you can have a flourishing garden.

13 November 2015

Tree Trimming And Removal - Getting Your Home, Family And Neighborhood Ready


If you are planning on having your trees professionally trimmed or removed, there are some things that you can do to make the process a smooth one. Some preparations before tree trimmers arrive can make their job easier and more efficient. Here are three things that you can do before tree specialists arrive. 1. Alert the Neighborhood It is a nice gesture to let your neighbors know if you are doing any major work on your property that will involve workers and additional noise.

30 October 2015

3 Steps To Healthier Trees


When it comes to your trees, you might think that all they need is sunshine and water. While it's true that they do need both of those, they also need a few other things. Take a look at four simple procedures that will help your trees stay healthy and live longer. Go Easy On the Stakes You've probably seen lots of trees staked with rope and flexible garden material. Staking is designed to provide stability for trees while their root system develops.

26 August 2015

Five Edible Garden Ideas That Will Grow Practically Anywhere


You don't need a lot of land or acreage to plant a garden that will yield an edible; there are some small-bed and container ideas that will produce plenty of herbs and veggies. Depending on where you live and the gardening zone that your planting in, there are some great potted gardens that will feed you and your family all season. Try these five themes for small beds and container gardens this year:

18 August 2015

Landscaping With Lavender: A Beginning Gardener's Dream


Lavender is a drought-resistant, low-maintenance perennial plant that attracts bees and produces beautiful flower spikes, perfect for drying. Lavender is also very hardy and fragrant. It's perfect for first-time landscapers because this plant is easy to get started and requires no extra steps like fertilization. These tips will help you begin growing lavender in your landscape.  Locations Lavender needs a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Southern and western exposures are best. Soil that features standing water after a rain or irrigation is not well-drained and thus not suitable for lavender.

4 August 2015

Factors That Influence The Price Of Tree Removal


Many homeowners express concern over the disparity in tree removal prices – some trees are relatively inexpensive to remove, while the removal of other seemingly similar trees, may cost two to three times as much. Many different factors are involved in the price of any given project, but the following factors are among the most influential. Size Obviously, larger trees are more expensive to remove than smaller trees are. This occurs because all necessary parts of the tree removal process – from assessment to debris cleanup – increase with the size of the tree.

30 July 2015

Three Small Tree Varieties With White Spring Flowers To Add To Your Landscape


In the springtime, it's lovely to relax in your backyard amidst blooming trees and flowers. If you're looking for a tree with white spring flowers to add to your landscape, keep these three choices in mind. Pee Gee Hydrangea There are many varieties of hydrangeas with flowers of varying colors. Some are more like shrubs than trees, but the pee gee hydrangea grows into a small tree of about 10 – 20 feet in height and has blooms that are white in color.

28 July 2015

'He Sheds' And 'she Sheds' - What Can Your Backyard Shed Do For You?


If you're looking to add space or fun to your home, look no further than your backyard hardscaping. The latest in yard landscaping trends is the restyling of an outdoor shed into a functional or entertaining space to relax, hang out with friends or even get some work done. Here are three ways you can find new life for any size outdoor shed. She Sheds Women are realizing the value of a backyard hideout just as men have done for years.

26 June 2015