Tips For Making Over Your Yard For Curb Appeal


Whether you're thinking about selling your house in the next few years or content to live there for decades, curb appeal is important. Passersby see your yard first, and that tends to inform their opinion of your home – first impressions and all that. While a tidy yard is fine, boost your home's curb appeal with more creative landscaping design. Start with Maintenance The first step in creating curb appeal with your landscaping is with maintenance.

5 August 2016

Tired Of Mowing? Try These Plants And Groundcovers Instead


Do you feel like you are constantly mowing your lawn? Maybe you want to enjoy spending some time outside without having to work on your lawn? Fortunately, there are plants and groundcovers you can invest in to cut back on the amount of lawn you have to mow. Lilyturf Lilyturf looks just like grass, without the constant need for mowing. The downside of this is that you can't walk on it, so you'll need it for areas that are not intended to be walked on.

27 July 2016

Making Changes To Your Outdoor Space? Consider These Three Landscaping Trends


Making changes to your landscaping can transform an outdoor space. You can bring in new colors, textures, and design to make a barren space seem tropical or give a lush yard more of a desert feel. If you are tired of your current outdoor space or looking to change it up a little, you may be looking for ideas. Here are three 2016 landscaping trends that you may want to consider.

2 July 2016

Types Of Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are used to hold up piles of earth in order to create flat surfaces that can be built upon. They are used for construction and landscape purposes and help make irregularly shaped ground ideal for working on. There are several different types of retaining walls, each of which operate in distinctive ways to provide the same function. Understanding what each type of retaining wall has to offer can help you choose the one that best fits your project's needs.

27 June 2016

3 Reasons To Keep Your Grass Mowed


Do you have a habit of allowing your grass to grow out of control before finally mowing it? It is important for you to understand that keeping your grass mowed should be done for more than beauty, as mowing is also necessary for maintaining the health of the grass. Take a look at the benefits of mowing your grass that are listed in the article below so you will feel more encouraged to get the task done on a regular basis.

14 April 2016

Landscape Tips For Avoiding Problematic Wildlife


Having a beautiful and enjoyable yard while also trying to keep the neighborhood wildlife out can be a delicate endeavor. You want to enjoy some of the beauty of nature, but you don't want to deal with animal pests like skunks, porcupines, or raccoons. The following landscaping tips can help you create the perfect landscape while also discouraging problematic wildlife. Tip #1: Install a Fence A fence doesn't have to block the view.

22 February 2016

4 Ways To Care For Your Lawn


Lawn maintenance is an important aspect of any garden, especially when the winter turns to spring and your grass starts to experience new growth. It is important to properly care for your lawn when the spring comes around so that in the summer you can experience a wonderful garden that is healthy and vibrant. Lawn care is simple, however it does require that you stay on top of it and regularly maintain the grass.

22 December 2015