When You Need Emergency Tree Removal Done


You want to know when a situation warrants you calling for emergency tree removal. Sometimes the removal of a tree is something that is done for your own desires. You may not like how the tree blocks your view when you look out of a window, or you may not like how much raking you have to do from a large tree in the fall. You may not want to deal with a fruit tree and the vermin it attracts anymore, or you may have any number of other reasons for wanting a tree removed. However, here are some examples of times when you really need to have emergency tree removal services come and remove a tree right away: 

A tree has been extensively damaged by a storm

If you have a tree that has been damaged in a storm and the tree is now a risk, then you are going to want to have it removed right away. The longer you leave the damaged tree in place, the more chances there are that something will happen that can be damaging to anything in the path of the tree. There are many ways trees can suffer damage during a storm, like wind or lightning. Even a big snowstorm can weigh down branches already weakened due to preexisting issues and cause extensive damage.

A tree has an infestation

If you have a tree in your yard that you find out has a serious infestation, then you want to get it out of the yard as quickly as possible so you can reduce the risk of infestation to other trees in the area. If you really would like to save the tree, then you can talk to the tree specialist about the possibility of getting rid of the infestation. However, this is a riskier move, and having it removed quickly would be the way to go to save the rest of your trees. 

The tree roots have been exposed

Large downpours can take their toll and cause the roots to be exposed around the tree while leaving the remaining roots shallow. If this is something that you have experienced, then the tree is now a serious risk. When a tree has shallow roots, it means that the tree now has a weak anchor and it can end up falling over. Having the tree removed is something that you want to have taken care of right away.


23 November 2020

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