Tips To Help You Improve The Quality And Look Of Your Landscaping


The keys to keeping your landscaping in good health, attractive, and growing well can be some of the most simple tasks that many homeowners overlook. Using bagged mulch, buying supplemental soil by the yard, or adding in a great fertilizer can all be used for the betterment of your yard landscaping when you know what to look for. Here are some tips you can use in your yard to improve your landscaping appearance and quality.

Use Your Lawn Clippings

When you want a dark rich compost to use in your gardening and landscaping to boost the nutrients of your soil, you don't always have to buy bagged compost. You can make your own with some of the clippings from your lawn.

First, when you mow, don't always collect the lawn in the mower bag only to discard it into the trash. Instead, every few weeks or months leave the bag off your mower and leave the clippings on your lawn. Use a mulching blade to mow over the loose clippings to break them into smaller pieces, which can replace your lawn's lost nutrients in a natural way. This free fertilizer is available for you to utilize whenever your lawn needs the extra supplement.

Collect the rest of your lawn clippings to use for creating pathways in your vegetable garden or as a mulch covering to keep down weeds and boost soil health. Spread the loose clippings onto pathways that you walk upon in your garden. This will keep down mud when you work in your garden and will help provide pathways so you don't compact the soil around your plants and seedlings.

A layer of lawn clippings will help hold moisture in your landscaping soil and at the end of the season will break down to make your soil richer. When you till your soil for fall or in the spring, the lawn clippings will make a great compost addition to the nutrient base of your soil.

Buy Supplemental Landscape Materials

There are going to be times when you want to add in extra landscaping materials, such as gravel ground cover, soil to build up the slope of the soil next to your home, or fertilizer to quickly boost the health of your soil. You can buy the materials either bulk by the truckload or yard, or you can buy it in smaller bags from a local retailer.

Contact your landscaper about your needs and they can get you a good deal on buying it by the yard. But you should also consider how you want to use it within your yard. If you are filling in one large area, it can be beneficial to buy it by the load and spread it around. However, if you want to add it to smaller areas around your yard, buy it in bags, which will make it easier to put into each location.

For more tips on residential landscaping maintenance, reach out to a local landscaping service.


19 June 2020

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