Essential Services To Help Your Yard Landscaping Look And Be Its Healthiest


Your yard's landscaping makes up a big part of the appearance and overall condition of your home's exterior. Without an attractive lawn, landscaped areas, and trees, your yard will look shabby and unkempt. Here are some services you can ask your landscaper to complete to keep up the condition and appearance of your yard and its landscaping.

Mow Your Lawn

Your lawn is more than just a bunch of green plants that grow uninterrupted all season long. Without the right care along with its water and nutrients, it will not look its best. And one of the most underrated tasks with your lawn maintenance is its trimming, which many homeowners do wrong and harm their lawn more than help it.

A lawn needs regular trimming with a mower that has sharp blades because dull blades will shred the ends of the blades and cause them to look brown and unattractive. A lawn with shredded tops will make your lawn's entire appearance look tinged with brown from the mower damage.

When you mow, never remove more than one-third of the lawn blade's length. If you need to hire this service to make sure it gets completed on a weekly basis, this is going to benefit your lawn in the long run. If a lawn has grown long and its length is completely cut down to the base of the lawn blades from one mowing, it exposes the lawn plant's roots and the soil, drying them out in the sun. This leads to a dry lawn that requires more watering for it to stay healthy.

Apply Fertilizers 

Fertilizers are necessary with your lawn because they provide the nutrients for your lawn plants to grow in healthy in the spring and then continue throughout the season, despite the stress of seasonal heat. Your lawn needs to establish healthy roots and to regrow in areas where it has died. If you have ever noticed how resilient lawn plants are after a dead spot has appeared in your lawn, then you'll notice that your lawn will gradually grow and fill in the dead spot.

This growth is fueled by a good lawn fertilizer applied in early spring, then again in the middle of the summer, and followed up with a pre-fall application. Be sure you apply the fertilizer with a good spreader that either drops or broadcasts it over your lawn. Never fill your fertilizer spread directly over the lawn: always do it on the pavement nearby so you can sweep up any spillage. Try not to overlap your fertilizer application too much as this can burn your lawn, and follow up the fertilizer with a good watering as the product recommends.

Learn more about how to improve your yard with lawn mowing and other landscaping services by contacting a landscaper in your area


18 March 2020

how to get the perfectly landscaped property you want

Landscaping can be a lot of fun, you can beautify your property and can actually increase the value of your home. Unfortunately, landscaping a lawn that has never been touched by a landscaper before can be difficult. You have to use the right kind of plants for the environment, know what to look for to address water control and what to do to make the design as easy to manage as possible. I have worked with my landscaper for several years to create a beautiful garden-like setting around my home. To find out what you need to know to accomplish the perfectly landscaped property you want read on.