4 Types of Purple Flowers to Add to Your Backyard Garden


If you want your yard to really stand out, adding a splash of purple is a great option. There are many different varieties of purple flowers, but the following four are some of the easiest to grow — and they offer a big color payoff.


Cosmos flowers are an annual flower that comes in an array of colors. Purple is one of the most common colors, so you should have no trouble finding it, whether you grow your cosmos from seeds or from plant starts. The cosmo plant itself grows to about 24 inches tall, but the flowers are pretty small. Each flower remains in the plant for a few weeks and the plant flowers for two months in the summer. Cosmos do require full sunlight, so if you are planting them in a garden bed that is against a building, planting them along the outermost edge of the bed is wise.


Candytuft flowers come in white and purple. If you want to add color to your yard without making too bold a statement, you could plant a mixture of both white and purple candytufts. They are big, fluffy flowers. The plants are only about six inches tall, but the flower can be up to three inches across. Candytufts demand well-drained soil and will not tolerate flooding. Deer do not like them, so they are a popular choice in the country.


Wisteria is a classic purple flower. Actually, it is a genus of flowers. Their foliage is light green and delicate, and the wisteria flowers themselves are small and fine. The plants may look a little sparse when you first put them in the ground, but they fill out quickly. You could plant wisteria along a fenceline or against a trellis placed on the side of your home. Most varieties send out vines and grow quite tall, so they will make a statement in spite of their delicate structure.


If you have a larger space to fill, rhododendrons might be a good choice to plant. They basically grow as shrubs, so their foliage takes up a lot of space. The purple flowers themselves are shaped like bells, and they have a strong and appealing fragrance. They bloom in mid-spring to mid-summer, so you get to enjoy plenty of color.

If you're ready to add some purple to your yard, talk to residential landscaping contractors about these flowers. They can advise you as to which flowers are best suited to your local climate and your garden's soil characteristics.


4 December 2019

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