Tips To Keep Your Yard's Landscaping Looking Great With Less Water Usage


Drought seems to be increasing in many parts of the United States and around the world. With water becoming a scarce commodity in many areas, it is helpful to add to or change up your yard's landscaping to help reduce your water usage. Here are some ways you can help keep your yard landscaping maintained while reducing and saving on your water use.

Collect and Use Rain Runoff

One of the best ways to reduce your water usage is to use water from other water sources, such as rainfall. When rainfall does occur, you can collect it in a rain barrel to use throughout your yard as supplemental watering.

First, adjust your gutter's downspout to divert the water into a rain barrel. You can also remove the downspout and add a rain chain to attractively divert water downward into the rain barrel. Then, attach a hose and water spout at the base of the rain barrel so you can let the water flow from the barrel to water certain areas of your landscaping. This method of using rainwater prevents the roof runoff from eroding soil around your home's foundation and leading to basement moisture problems.

Install Drip Irrigation

In addition to catching and using rain water, you can install a drip irrigation watering system through your landscaping to cover areas not watered via your rain barrel, or when the weather is dry and does not collect any rain. A drip irrigation system is a network of tubing that delivers water through emitters and soaker tubing directly to the base of your landscaping vegetation. This watering method greatly reduces water loss from evaporation and wind, and keeps excess water runoff into areas of your soil void of vegetation.

You can install a drip irrigation system in your yard and landscaping to fit any size area and a variety of plants, bushes, flowers, ground cover, and trees. Begin with a starter drip irrigation kit, which you can find at most home improvement stores, then add onto it with additional tubing, emitters, and soaker tubing to reach all areas of your yard's landscaping.

Plant Drought Tolerant Landscaping

In addition to reducing your water use through a more efficient method, you can add a variety of vegetation to your yard that requires less water. Check with your local nursery for recommendations for vines, bushes, shrubbery, and other vegetation that can survive in dry climates and don't require a great deal of water but will look attractive in your yard's landscaping.

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3 October 2018

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