Why You May Want To Remove Trees That Are Growing Too Close Together


Some trees do well when they're planted close together and others don't. Even if the trees grow close together in nature, it may not be a look you want for your front yard if it causes the limbs to grow in unusual ways. If you planted trees in your yard years ago that are now showing signs of needing more space, then you may want to have one or more of the trees removed. Here's why that might be a good idea.

To Allow Sunlight To Reach All The Trees

Trees that produce large, leafy canopies create a lot of shade. When these trees mature and they are too close together, some of the trees may suffer. Smaller trees may be in shade all of the time. Sunlight keeps trees healthy and trees should be far enough apart and the canopies thin enough that sunlight can filter through to the trunks. A tree that's always in the shade may have stunted growth and be susceptible to diseases. Sometimes, trees need to be pruned to allow more sunlight to filter through to keep them healthy. If pruning isn't the answer, then tree removal might be necessary.

To Prevent Wild Growth

When trees compete for sunlight, they send out limbs and branches at unusual angles and may even bend toward the sun. This could potentially affect the stability of the trees, but it will more likely affect their appearance. What was intended as a beautiful grove of trees when they were first planted might turn into an eyesore on your property if the trees are allowed to continue growing away from the crowded condition they're in. By removing a tree or two the other trees have more room to continue growing so their limbs don't get tangled together. Tree limbs that cross over or tangle together can even be hazardous during a storm. The wind can be high enough to cause smaller limbs to scrape together and damage the bark which could lead to an infection or insect infestation that harms the tree.

To Create A Sunny Yard

When the canopies of trees grow together, your yard is in constant shade. This can be desirable in some situations, but other times, this can make your yard a dreary place. With no sun, mold grows easier on your patio or sidewalk. You may have trouble growing plants and healthy grass. You may just be tired of not having a sunny place to relax in your yard. Removing a tree to allow more sunlight on your property can change how you landscape your yard and improve your spirits because of the increased light.

The trees may have been planted with the best intentions, but if it is now obvious the trees are too close together, it's better to have one or more of them removed while they are still young. Then, the remaining trees have a chance to mature into trees that enhance your property. Plus, young trees are easier and less expensive to remove. Contact a service, like Arborcare Tree Service, for more help.


7 March 2018

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