Protecting Your Lawn During Tree Removal


Tree removal can be an invasive process, resulting in a temporary scar on your landscape where the tree once stood. Chances are you will want to minimize the damage so that your lawn can look nice as quickly as possible once the process is complete. The following tips can help you prevent unnecessary damage.

Tip #1: Turn off the sprinklers

Wet ground is more likely to become churned up and damaged from the equipment being driven onto the lawn. This is especially true if the removal crew needs to bring scissor lifts or other heavy removal company right up to the tree – the tires can tear up wet ground. Turn off the sprinklers 24 to 48 hours in advance of the tree removal so the ground can dry out somewhat. An otherwise healthy lawn will quickly recover from this short dry period. Another option is to require the crew to lay a plywood "road" to drive over, which will also minimize the chances of ruts.

Tip #2: Create a path

You will need to make sure there are no obstacles that could become damaged along the access point between the tree and the street. Mark any sprinkler heads with small flags so the tree removal crew can avoid driving over them. If you have any type of plastic edging that could be damaged by a vehicle, remove it temporarily until the removal is done. You can even remove small plants and bushes to make sure they aren't damaged during the removal, and then you can replace them afterward.

Tip #3: Ask for stump grinding

Quick removal of the stump is the key to recovering the lawn as quickly as possible. You can have the stump ground at the same time as the main tree removal. There will be some sawdust left behind, but the removal crew should remove as much of the wood chips and fallen limbs as possible, leaving you with a scarred but otherwise clean lawn.

Tip #4: Be patient

It can be tempting to plant new grass immediately after tree removal, but keep in mind that the area will continue to sink over the next several months as the roots decompose. Fill the area in with soil to create a slight mound, and then lay sod over the mound. It will settle and become flat over time. You may also need to later lift the sod and add more soil beneath if there is a lot of settling in the site.

Talk to your tree removal company for more help in protecting your lawn both before and after tree removal.


28 November 2016

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