Need to Prepare Your Yard for Storm Season? 3 Landscaping Tips


While it is important to ensure that your home doesn't suffer any significant storm damage when the weather seems like it's going to start to turn poor, it's important that you pay attention to the landscaping too. While you may have already prepared the inside of your home for a storm, such as by stocking up on food and protecting the windows, you should look into how much of a difference the landscaping can make. The biggest thing to consider is damage due to parts of the landscaping going flying in heavy winds, so it is a good idea to follow the following landscaping tips that professionals can assist with.

With the following services taken care of, your landscaping should be protected, and your home should have a lower risk of being damaged.

Get Overgrown Hedges Trimmed Down

While you may like the look of dense hedges along the line of your property, they can often lead to your home getting quickly damaged due to the hedges becoming loose and going flying. Dense hedges can also have a lot of loose twigs and branches, so it's a good idea to get the hedges trimmed. With this simple change to your landscaping, you can make all the difference in having your hedging looking cleaned up and have a lower risk of it causing problems for the rest of your landscaping.

Have Your Trees Tended To

An easy way to make sure that your home has a lesser chance of being damaged, especially when you're worried about the windows being broken due to debris going flying in heavy winds, is getting the trees trimmed. Another reason for tree-service professionals to be called in is due to their ability to pay close attention to the trees and remove a lot of the excess branches that can be weakened and be dangerous in a heavy storm.

Make Sure Any Loose Items Are Secured

If you have any other items outside besides your general landscaping, such as patio furniture and potted plants, it's important that you get them secured ahead of time. Moving some of these items into your garage before the storm arrives is a great idea, since moving the items will ensure that they don't go rolling or flying in the event of a storm.

Making some adjustments to your landscaping can make all the difference when you're worried about storm damage. With the right tips, you can make sure that your home is protected and that the landscaping won't be a problem in the event of a storm. Call a company like Carnahan Landscaping & pool for more ideas. 


26 September 2016

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