Tips For Making Over Your Yard For Curb Appeal


Whether you're thinking about selling your house in the next few years or content to live there for decades, curb appeal is important. Passersby see your yard first, and that tends to inform their opinion of your home – first impressions and all that. While a tidy yard is fine, boost your home's curb appeal with more creative landscaping design.

Start with Maintenance

The first step in creating curb appeal with your landscaping is with maintenance. Stand on the sidewalk near your home, and honestly evaluate your current landscaping. Do you have overgrown shrubbery or plantings spilling onto the sidewalk? If so, you need to prune back all overgrown plants to tidy up the look your front yard presents. While you're looking over your home's landscaping, consider aspects of the façade you'd like to emphasize for curb appeal.

Pick a Theme

A front yard with personality adds an extra layer of curb appeal. To that end, choose a theme for your landscaping. The theme should complement your home's exterior. For instance, southwest landscaping is a natural for Mission-style homes. A country garden complements any kind of traditional or historical house. A Japanese Zen garden blends beautifully with modern architecture. When you're selecting plants and garden accents, stick within your chosen theme.

Lead the Eye

One of the tricks to creating curb appeal is to lead visitors' eyes where you want. A prime example of this is guiding guests from the street to the front door with an attractive walkway. However, you can do this with your general landscaping as well. For example, consider creating a pretty tableau in your front yard, say with an arbor or fountain. Likewise, utilize plantings that highlight the architecture of your home, such as an ornamental tree to emphasize the grandeur of a multi-story house.

Install Landscape Lighting

Your yard should look appealing even at night. Clearly, you want to have lighting for safety reasons, such along the walkway. When lighting the walkway, though, stagger the lights so you don't get a runway effect. Add additional lighting to highlight your landscaping. For instance, if you have a handsome tree, consider having moonlighting installed. Contractors add lights in the branches to mimic the effect of moonlight. If you're adding a pretty tableau to the yard, you might add the "washing" effect. As the Landscaping Network explains it, washing consists of lighting from the side, creating a soft glow over a specific area.

Make your house even more attractive with landscaping for curb appeal. Contact a company like A Greener Season Landscaping to learn more.


5 August 2016

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