Tired Of Mowing? Try These Plants And Groundcovers Instead


Do you feel like you are constantly mowing your lawn? Maybe you want to enjoy spending some time outside without having to work on your lawn? Fortunately, there are plants and groundcovers you can invest in to cut back on the amount of lawn you have to mow.


Lilyturf looks just like grass, without the constant need for mowing. The downside of this is that you can't walk on it, so you'll need it for areas that are not intended to be walked on. Lilyturf is a great alternative for a lawn that is just for show. If you have children or pets, make sure they know they are not allowed to walk on the lilyturf.

It's a great alternative for the front lawn that is just for show. If you have kids, they need to know where they are and aren't allowed.

Fine Gardening states that the lilyturf grass can grow to between eight and 16 inches long. It is perfect for steep banks and wherever erosion occurs.


If you want something that not only means less mowing but also less weed maintenance, clover is the plant to add onto your list. It needs little to no watering at all and there's no need to buy any chemical fertilizers. The clover doesn't just stop weeds, but also creates great soil for your other plants.


Thyme is more than a great herb to add to your chicken or pork. It's something that will give you a lower-maintenance garden. It does take time to spread at first, but once it is out you will have something that looks and smells great throughout the entire year. It also resists drought if you live in an area that can go a long time without any rain.

The downside to thyme is it does require a little work to get it growing. The first year you are going to see a lot of weeds and you will need to tackle the weeds to prevent them from taking over the thyme. After the first year, this will ease off and your plant will require less maintenance. You will have the added bonus of plenty of thyme to use for all of your meals!

With these alternative plants and groundcovers, there is no reason for you to worry about whether or not your lawn mower is going to work. Instead, you can spend more time enjoying the sun instead of dreading having to push the lawn mower in it. For more information, contact landscape companies, like Arbor Landscape and Sprinklers.


27 July 2016

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