3 Reasons To Keep Your Grass Mowed


Do you have a habit of allowing your grass to grow out of control before finally mowing it? It is important for you to understand that keeping your grass mowed should be done for more than beauty, as mowing is also necessary for maintaining the health of the grass. Take a look at the benefits of mowing your grass that are listed in the article below so you will feel more encouraged to get the task done on a regular basis.

1. Better Root Care

The most important part of grass shoots that must be taking care of to keep your lawn healthy are the roots. It is important for water to have easy access to the soil in order for the grass roots to get the amount of water needed to keep your lawn healthy.  When you allow grass to grow out of control before mowing it, you are actually creating a problem because water is unable to fully saturate the soil. Plus, the method used for watering the grass can interfere with root health when the shoots are overgrown. For instance, if your grass is watered with a sprinkler for a short time each day, the sprinkles of water might not make it to the soil and will just sit on the grass shoots.

2. Easier Access to Nutrients

If you fertilize your lawn, the grass may not experience the fullest extent of the nutrients if the shoots are too tall. Fertilizer must be able to make it down to the soil to help the roots remain healthy. If you fertilize your lawn with the shoots being tall, only a small portion of the nutrients might make it down to the soil due to the overcrowding of shoots. You can even end up with some areas of your lawn being healthier than others due to the uneven way that fertilizer is making contact with the soil.

3. More Curb Appeal

Keeping your grass mowed will add more curb appeal to your house. Not only will your landscape look great, but the grass shoots will appear healthier each time that mowing is done. Basically, weak grass shoots are removed and the healthiest ones are able to flourish to give your lawn a healthier appearance. The healthy appearance of the grass adds curb appeal just as keeping it trimmed and neat does. Hire a lawn care company like Heritage Lawn and Landscape LLC to keep your grass mowed if you are not up for it.


14 April 2016

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