4 Ways To Care For Your Lawn


Lawn maintenance is an important aspect of any garden, especially when the winter turns to spring and your grass starts to experience new growth. It is important to properly care for your lawn when the spring comes around so that in the summer you can experience a wonderful garden that is healthy and vibrant. Lawn care is simple, however it does require that you stay on top of it and regularly maintain the grass. These four steps will help your grass look nice and healthy.


As winter comes to an end it is important to make your first cut so that the lawn grows right during the spring. You want to make sure that you've got a nice, sharp blade on your lawnmower before making the first cut and adjust the blade so that it takes off just the tip of the grass. You want the grass to grow nicely during the spring and shine in the summer. Making sure that your lawnmower is properly set up will make your lawn look great. Additionally, try to get on a regular schedule for mowing instead of allowing your grass to become overgrown, adding extra effort in the long run. Mow the grass every other week or so and mow in opposite directions each time to avoid the grass leaning to one side over the long term.

Use fertilizer

Fertilizer has incredible benefits to your lawn and will help to kill off any weeds or moss that may have formed over the winter. It will also give some added nutrients to the grass, making it as healthy as it can be. Spread your fertilizer evenly a few days after mowing and you'll see increased benefits over the growing seasons ahead.  

Aerate the grass

If you've got a large space then you'll want to use a proper aeration tool, however if your lawn is small then you can use a simple pitchfork to aerate the lawn. This is the best way to open up the grass and get increased oxygen into the lawn. It will also help to get water deep into the roots of the grass and will help your lawn to look wonderful.

Water regularly

Whether you live in a wet or dry landscape it is important that the lawn receives water on a daily basis. A great way to do this is by installing an automatic sprinkler system that will deliver water at a specified time. This, in addition to aeration, fertilization and regular mowing will give you a great looking lawn.

For more help or information about lawn maintenance, contact a local company like Green Leaf Lawn Services or another location, for tips and services.


22 December 2015

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