3 Tips For Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden On An Apartment Patio


Living in an apartment can put a damper on all your decorating and DIY aspirations. Sometimes there is just not enough space to include all of the amenities that you often find in a house. You may have considered growing your own vegetable garden, but thought that your apartment could not handle it. However, an apartment patio happens to be the perfect location for a vegetable garden. It does not have the same open space as a typical garden, but if used correctly you can have a flourishing garden. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use in order to make sure your vegetable garden thrives while on your patio.

Use A Vertical Garden System

The big concern with introducing a garden into your apartment is space. As a result, using a vertical garden system to hang your plants from the patio wall is the easiest solution to this. A vertical garden system involves hanging the plants one on top of the other. This allows you to keep the plants from taking up valuable floor space. The hanging plants are easy to reach in case you need to add more water or move them to another location.

Use Self Watering Planters

In a traditional garden, the plants have a way to release excess water by way of the soil. In a patio space, this can be difficult to do unless you use self-watering planters. A self-watering system is composed of an inner and outer pot. The inner pot holds the plants and the soil while the outer pot is a water reservoir. When the water level dries out in the inner pot, water is automatically moved on its own from the reservoir to the primary growing chamber using a wicking device. The water lasts a number of weeks before it needs to be refilled.

Start off with Simple Vegetables

Some vegetables are a little more difficult to grow than others. While it may be exciting to go all in when creating your vegetable garden, it may be a better idea to start from the bottom and work your way up. Vegetables like carrots, green beans and spinach are perfect for beginners. They require very little maintenance if you are looking to start a basic vegetable garden.

Growing your own vegetable garden inside of your apartment patio can be tricky as well as exciting. Use these tips to make sure that your vegetable garden prospers in this environment. For more information, contact companies like Precision Lawn & Landscaping Inc. 


13 November 2015

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