Tree Trimming And Removal - Getting Your Home, Family And Neighborhood Ready


If you are planning on having your trees professionally trimmed or removed, there are some things that you can do to make the process a smooth one. Some preparations before tree trimmers arrive can make their job easier and more efficient. Here are three things that you can do before tree specialists arrive.

1. Alert the Neighborhood

It is a nice gesture to let your neighbors know if you are doing any major work on your property that will involve workers and additional noise. If trees hang over into your next door neighbor's lawn, tree specialists may have to access their property while doing their job. Trimmers will come with a work truck, noisy tree cutting devices, and will up the traffic in your neighborhood, so make sure your neighbors know what's going on. In some communities with HOAs and restrictions, you might actually need to let your homeowner's association know ahead of time about the trimming or tree removal you are planning.

2. Prepare the Outside of Your Home

When tree trimmers arrive, remember they might have a larger truck for their tools and to haul away debris at the end of the day. Try to provide parking as close as you can to their work site. They might need access to external electrical plugs, so make sure you know where these are and can point them out ahead of time when trimmers arrive. If you have toys, sporting equipment, or patio furniture out in your yard, this can quickly become an obstacle course for workers.  Trimmers and removal specialists will be hauling branches and equipment and won't always be able to look out for errant bikes or planters in their way.

3. Keeping Kids Out of Harm's Way

Kids might be overly curious about what is going on with tree trimming and removal, but this can become a safety issue. Tree trimming and removal can involve dangerous tools and heavy equipment that your child won't be able to resist playing with. Children might be better off going to a friends house the day that work is being done if you think they might be too curious. Tree trimming and removal work can be intense and workers shouldn't have any distractions from your family.

If you can do a little planning before your tree trimmers arrive, you will make the day more efficient for trimmers and easier on you. Keep everyone safe the day tree specialists will be working by taking precautions ahead of time. Tree trimmers are professionals, but you can make their job a little easier with just a few simple precautions.


30 October 2015

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