3 Steps To Healthier Trees


When it comes to your trees, you might think that all they need is sunshine and water. While it's true that they do need both of those, they also need a few other things. Take a look at four simple procedures that will help your trees stay healthy and live longer.

Go Easy On the Stakes

You've probably seen lots of trees staked with rope and flexible garden material. Staking is designed to provide stability for trees while their root system develops. Unfortunately, improper staking can actually jeopardize the overall health and longevity of your trees. Attaching the staking material too high up on the trunk – or too tightly around the trunk – can interfere with growth. What you end up with is a very tall tree with a very thin trunk.

If your new tree needs to be staked, carefully attach the rope or flexible staking tape around the lower portion of the tree – preferably around the bottom 1/3 of total tree height. Leave the stakes in place until the roots are fully established – or about two to three months. Once the roots are established, remove the stakes and allow the tree to grow freely.

Protect the Critical Root Zone

If you don't know your tree's CRZ–critical root zone–you may be depriving it of valuable nutrients. The CRZ is the area around the tree where root activity is most vital. To determine the CRZ of your trees you need to identify the dripline, which is the widest area of your tree. Once you've identified the CRZ, you need to aerate the entire area and then apply a generous layer of mulch.

An easy way to aerate is to wear a pair of athletic cleats and walk around your tree several times. Begin your circle closest to the tree and branch out each time you complete a rotation.  The aeration will prevent soil compaction and allow for a deeper penetration of water. The mulch will help keep the soil moist longer.

Give Them Regular Check-Ups

You can provide most of the care that your trees will need, but they should still have an annual check-up. Your tree service will be able to diagnose and treat diseases and insect infestations before they jeopardize the health of your trees.

Don't take chances with the health of your trees. The tips provided above will help you provide your trees with the care that they need to stay healthy. Contact a service like Corner Landscaping & Tree Service for more help.


26 August 2015

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