Five Edible Garden Ideas That Will Grow Practically Anywhere


You don't need a lot of land or acreage to plant a garden that will yield an edible; there are some small-bed and container ideas that will produce plenty of herbs and veggies. Depending on where you live and the gardening zone that your planting in, there are some great potted gardens that will feed you and your family all season.

Try these five themes for small beds and container gardens this year:

Lots of lettuce.

Lettuce is an excellent choice for container gardens. This green doesn't require deep soil to grow, and you can actually crowd lettuce a little bit, so it thrives in containers or pots just fine. Try a varied crop of lettuce varieties, including arugula, Boston lettuce, Romaine, and even Bok Choi, for salad greens all summer long.

Horde of herbs.

The advantage of growing big pots of herbs all around is the fragrant aroma, which is very inviting. Try planting tiers of herbs, positioning the taller basil plants, rosemary stalks, and Cilantro in the back; place shorter mint, thyme, and catnip in the front. Typically, herbs of most varieties like a sunny spot and good drainage to thrive.

Flavorful flowers.

When you add edible flowers to a simple salad or dish, it makes the meal a bit more exciting and aesthetically appealing. Plant big pots of dandelions, nasturtiums, or carnations and use them all season long in cooking or entertaining. These will also add a vibrant pop of color wherever you plant them.  

Pots of pickles.

Cucumber vines typically use up a lot of ground space creeping and growing to produce. A more space-efficient approach is to plant pickling cucumber plants, with much smaller cukes, and to train the plant to grow up instead of out. Use a pot or bed that you have securely propped a piece of lattice or chicken-wire near for the vines to climb on; they will reach for the sun, so they will grow vertically, saving a lot of space.

Basic Bruschetta.

It can be very satisfying to serve family or friends something that came from your own garden. A great idea to try is to plant the basic ingredients of Bruschetta in your pots and containers, and serve this to loved ones throughout the growing season. Plant well-supported tomato plants in a sunny location, and plant basil and parsley around the perimeter; this ensures that they all get adequate sun to grow.

Whether you live in an apartment in the city or are spending the summer in an RV in a park, there are some cool gardening ideas that will produce an edible harvest. Try these ideas this season, and buy plants that have already germinated to save time and energy. The feeling of preparing foods that you have grown may inspire you to come up with more fresh ideas for next year! Click here for more information on backyard landscapes.


18 August 2015

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