Factors That Influence The Price Of Tree Removal


Many homeowners express concern over the disparity in tree removal prices – some trees are relatively inexpensive to remove, while the removal of other seemingly similar trees, may cost two to three times as much. Many different factors are involved in the price of any given project, but the following factors are among the most influential.


Obviously, larger trees are more expensive to remove than smaller trees are. This occurs because all necessary parts of the tree removal process – from assessment to debris cleanup – increase with the size of the tree.

Health and Condition

When all other things are equal, healthier trees are less expensive to remove than diseased or dead trees are. Healthy trees are often safe for arborists to climb, while dying trees may be too brittle to hold a climber safely. In such cases, arborists use cranes and other machines to lower the tree safely. These heavy machines are more expensive than climbers are, thus raising the price of the project.


The location of your tree is an important component of the cost. While it is difficult to generalize, trees in the front yard are often easier to access than trees in a back yard. The method by which the arborist intends to remove the tree plays a part in access as well; climbers can easily get to trees in a backyard, while gates and fences may prevent cranes and other vehicles from entering the backyard.


Trees that lean heavily are often more hazardous, which increases the cost to having them removed. Cranes and other heavy equipment may be necessary to stabilize the tree before work can commence. Trees that lean over structures are especially difficult to remove. However, in some cases, leaning trees may not be any more difficult or dangerous to cut down. For example, trees that lean over rivers or ponds can often be simply pushed over.

Municipal Area

The neighborhood, city or county in which you live may influence the price of tree removal in several ways. Some municipalities have strict tree codes, which may require arborists to obtain removal permits. Alternatively, some jurisdictions may require the removal of vegetative debris, rather than leaving it at the curb for pickup.

Time of Year

Arborists often adjust their pricing over the course of the year, in response to the ebbs and flows of the business. In busy times of the year – which usually correspond with the season in which local storms are the strongest – prices are usually higher than they are in the least busy time of the year. 

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30 July 2015

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