Three Small Tree Varieties With White Spring Flowers To Add To Your Landscape


In the springtime, it's lovely to relax in your backyard amidst blooming trees and flowers. If you're looking for a tree with white spring flowers to add to your landscape, keep these three choices in mind.

Pee Gee Hydrangea

There are many varieties of hydrangeas with flowers of varying colors. Some are more like shrubs than trees, but the pee gee hydrangea grows into a small tree of about 10 – 20 feet in height and has blooms that are white in color. The round, white "puffs" are actually comprised of multiple tiny flowers.

The pee gee hydrangea is a fast grower, increasing in height by about 2 feet per year. It will thrive in either partial or direct sunlight; it needs at least 4 hours of unfiltered sun per day. This tree is tolerant of most soil types, including sandy, moist, loamy, and acidic soils, but do make sure the site you choose is well drained. Hydrangeas should be pruned annually to ensure they remain symmetrical and to encourage bountiful blooms.

Glossy Abelia

The abelia is a small, shrub-like tree that grows to between 6 and 10 feet in height.  There are several  types of abelia, so make sure you buy one that is specifically called "glossy abelia" if you want white flowers. The tree is named for its almost plastic-like, deep green leaves.

Abelia require full to partial sunlight, and they do best in fertile soil. If your soil is nutrient-poor, consider adding organic materials, such as composted leaves or manure, prior to planting. Abelia require little care once established. You should have the tree pruned annually to remove old growth, but more frequent pruning is only needed if you want the tree to maintain a specific shape.

Anne E Crabapple

This crabapple variety is easy to grow, thanks to its disease resistance, and it has very showy white blooms. It reaches 10 – 12 feet in height when mature and has a broad, round crown. Anne E Crabapple trees are sometimes called Manbeck Weeper crabapples.

Many crabapples require spraying with fungicides to prevent infection, but the Anne E does not, since it is resistant to common fungal diseases. It should be planted in full sunlight and prefers a soil pH between 5.5 and 7.5. Trees should be pruned often when young so that they develop strong leading branches, but once they are fully grown, only occasional pruning is needed to remove old branches. Keep in mind that this tree does produce apples that you'll need to clean up each fall.

For further options on beautifying your yard, and to figure out what plants will work best in your area, reach out to a company like Weiler's Lawn & Landscape.


28 July 2015

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