'He Sheds' And 'she Sheds' - What Can Your Backyard Shed Do For You?


If you're looking to add space or fun to your home, look no further than your backyard hardscaping. The latest in yard landscaping trends is the restyling of an outdoor shed into a functional or entertaining space to relax, hang out with friends or even get some work done. Here are three ways you can find new life for any size outdoor shed.

She Sheds

Women are realizing the value of a backyard hideout just as men have done for years. It's called a 'she shed' and can be a retreat of nearly any type to fit any woman's style.

Make a yoga studio with a large, uncluttered shed space decorated with tranquil and relaxing motifs. You can use a 'she shed' as a quiet reading nook complete with candles and a wine bar or even use it for a more likely purpose – a gardening shed with walls lined with tools and a large work space.

Pub Sheds

Backyard entertaining takes an entertaining turn with the addition of a pub shed (a 'he shed'?)  in the backyard. Aside from making a place to keep and serve your preferred liquor, you can choose just about any style of decoration you want.

For a small shed, carve out a large side window with swinging wooden doors that can be opened and closed, then place some swivel stools outside the window and create a bar inside the shed from which you can create cocktail magic.

If you have a bigger space, swing open large doors on one side and create a small interior room to enjoy drinks with friends. Decorate in a 50's style for a fun retro bar or fill the shed with traditional pub decor for a British feeling.


For small home business owners (or those who aspire to start one), a shed can be base of operations when the home is either too noisy or too small for quality work.

If you just need a dedicated work space away from the house, finish the inside of your shed and add some large windows for an inviting office area. Be sure to add sufficient electrical outlets and plenty of lighting. If your home business calls for a more hands-on approach, a shed can be lined with storage and work tables for design, assembly or craft projects.

Don't Have a Shed?

If your yard doesn't already have a usable, clean shed that can be converted to the usage of your choice, work with a landscaper to determine the best way to incorporate one into your yard's design. Be sure to consider such necessities as wiring, flooring needs and lighting when choosing a location and purpose.

Whether you choose a relaxing she shed, a fun entertaining space or a work area for your home business, the humble shed can add unexpected dimension to your home and life.   

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26 June 2015

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