Taking Back Your Turf: Three Ways To Effectively Eliminate Your Stumps


Whether you're trying to secure your residential perimeter with a new fence, gain much needed territory for parking, or you're tired of fighting a losing battle with yard obstacles, there are choices you have in eliminating an enemy stump. Stumps in your yard are both unsightly, dangerous, and pose difficulty for navigating with landscaping tools and equipment, not to mention vehicles. So if you're ready to remove a difficult target from your location, consider three ways that you can effectively eliminate your stumps.

Mechanical Methodology

Mechanical methods of stump grinding are an effective way to reduce the surface size of stumps, both extreme and small. Mechanical methods of stump removal include grinding and backhoe equipment, which you can either hire a professional to complete or you can rent the equipment and do it yourself. If you have one or two small stumps, the mechanical methods aren't as cost effective though when you rent, so you may want to go in with a neighbor and finish a few at a time. Grinding is a fast and effective way at reducing your surface stumps, and a backhoe can help you remove the stump and the entire root system. If you have enough material to remove, but aren't comfortable using heavy machinery, you should consider contracting the work to a professional, like a company like C S Flournoy Inc.

Chemical Attack

A chemical attack can be an outstandingly prodigious win against your occupied territory, though this battle with stump removal will take some time. Chemical stump removal is a silent attack that works on the basis of systemic degradation throughout the entire surface and root structure, though it can take months or even years to complete. The most effective way of attacking through chemical usage is by first axing or drilling deeply into the surface area, then plugging the holes with an herbicide that targets wood. Some stores carry an over-the-counter herbicide, but a stump removal service can help you get the more potent chemicals that will hasten the length of time it takes to see the threat subside.

Burning Glory

Burning out the enemy is an effective and fast way to gain ground, but it can be dicey if you let things get out of control. Burning occurs similarly to a chemical attack, where you first drill or ax the surface area of your stump to allow for chemical penetration. Then you pour kerosene, fuel, or potassium nitrate into the recesses, and cover the beast with a piece of scrap wood for igniting. After you've lit the scrap, the stump will smolder for a few hours, or until nothing on the surface is left, and some of the root system has been diminished.  


11 June 2015

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