Drought-Tolerant Masonry Landscape Material That Replace Your Lawn And Look Amazing


If you are hesitant to replace your home's lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping materials because you are worried about how they will look, then you will be happy to know that there are some wonderful rock and stone options that can create an amazing oasis in your yard without requiring constant watering and mowing. 

Here are some options for you to consider:

Rock and Stone Base Materials

If the idea of spreading a base layer of rock around your yard where your lawn currently is located doesn't appeal to you, perhaps it is because you have a vision of the past options for yard rocks that were comprised of either lava rock or white quartz. These types of rocks tend to make a yard look very dry and stark compared to neighboring homes.

The good news is that today there are a wide variety of different rock and stone types that you can install. Each type will give a different look to your yard. Some options include:

  • colored gravels
  • river cobble
  • pebbles
  • pea gravel

In addition, you can also use a polished pebble in your yard. The polish on the pebbles will give an appearance of water shine on your yard. This is a nice addition for a smaller area. Also, a lower grade polished rock is available for a more subtle look. Contact a professional landscaping company, like Michael Bellantoni, to order your masonry landscaping additions.

Focal Rocks

Large rocks can be placed in strategic places around your landscaping in order to provide some focal points to draw your visitor's eyes.

Designers Note: Always install focal rocks in groupings of odd numbers for added visual appeal. Odd numbers of objects are perceived better by the human eye.

To add a softer feel to your yard, you can cluster a few large rocks around a water feature such as a small self-contained waterfall. The water flowing in the waterfall will give off a nice sound and make your yard attractive for small wildlife such as birds and butterflies. Or, if you want to attract a larger number of birds into your yard, adding a birdbath in an area surrounded by large focal rocks also works very well.


As you can see, replacing your water-hogging lawn does not mean that you must install ugly landscaping rock and a couple of cacti. Using a variety of rocks and masonry stones, you can create a yard that makes your neighbors envious. If you are interested in further exploring ways that landscaping masonry items can improve the look of your yard while reducing your need for water, you should contact a local stone mason or landscape contractor.


5 June 2015

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