Maintaining A New Lake Fountain: Important Dos And Don'ts


Installation of a lake or pond fountain can be an excellent way to add cosmetic appeal to any outdoor space. However, even once a fountain is installed, there are some important maintenance tasks that property managers need to follow in order to keep the fountain operating properly. Otherwise, fountains and their corresponding equipment can quickly fall into disrepair, resulting in added expenses and frustration down the road.

DO Keep a Skimmer On-Hand

One of the most common causes of fountain problems is when foreign debris gets lodged in the opening of the fountain pump, which can cause the pump to burn out. To avoid such problems, property managers should keep a telescoping skimmer on hand at all times so that debris can be easily removed from around the fountain pump. Furthermore, making sure all maintenance workers are aware of the location of the pump is a must. It's especially important to take the time to skim after severe storms, when branches and other large debris can end up in the water, but skimming should be done on a regular basis regardless of weather conditions.

DO Remove Limescale Regularly

Limescale build-up is a common problem in fountains that use a hard water supply. Therefore, unless your fountain is being fed water directly from a softener (which, if it's located in a lake, it's not), it's likely got mineral and limescale in it that can clog up your fountain. This is an especially common problem on fountain heads, as the small holes can easily be clogged by limescale. Generally, this problem can be avoided by simply taking the time to apply a limescale remover to a towel or wash cloth and placing it over the (non-operating) fountain head once every few weeks to remove excess limescale.

DON'T Overlook Aeration

Finally, if your fountain doesn't already have an aerator installed on it, then it's time to consider having one added. Specifically, an aerator feeds oxygen into the water supply, which helps to prevent algae growth and thus ensures cleaner, clearer water for a more visually appealing fountain stream. Furthermore, aeration is beneficial to any creatures that may be living in the lake or pond, so it's really a win-win for all involved.

Be sure to keep these maintenance tips in mind if you plan on installing a pond or lake fountain in your lake or pond any time soon; this way, you can prolong the life of your fountain and save yourself some money in the process.


3 June 2015

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