The Grass Isn't Always Green: Why Won't Your Lawn Grow?


A proper lawn should be lush and green. It should look like an effortless project, but a beautiful yard actually takes a lot of time and dedication. If you've done everything to make your lawn beautiful, but grass just refuses to grow, you may be facing one of the problems listed below. Thankfully, each of these situations has its own solution, but some are easier to implement than others.

1. You're Mowing Too Much

A freshly cut lawn looks nice and neat, but you can actually cut your grass too short. When you're trying to encourage grass growth, keep your lawn mower on a high setting so you're not actually inhibiting its development. When the lawn is cut too low, the roots may weaken, leading to stunted growth and susceptibility to diseases and weeds.

2. You're Not Watering Enough

Like any other plant, grass needs plenty of water to thrive. When weather is fairly wet, occasional watering is all that's necessary. However, when it's dry and sunny, more frequent watering is necessary. The amount varies by climate, but most lawns need watering at least three times a week. When you water, make sure you're getting sufficient moisture to the roots, too. A proper soaking is required for optimal growth. This usually takes about 30 minutes or so.

3. You're Watering Too Much

Though lawns do need plenty of water, too much moisture is actually bad for them. If your yard is soggy or constantly damp, you're probably over watering it. Wait until the grass dries before you water again, and keep the time limit to a half hour or so. Any more than that, and you might be keeping your lawn too wet.

4. Your Yard Lacks Proper Drainage

If grass has never grown properly in your yard and none of the above seem to apply to your situation, then you may have drainage issues. Like over watering, yards with drainage issues often have puddles or soggy areas. You may have poor drainage across the entire lawn or only in certain parts. If you have patches of lawn that won't grow and that constantly stay damp, you may have found your problem. You can fix drainage issues by digging trenches and directing the water away from your yard. You can also install a dry water well to collect excess water. The easiest method, however, is by planting trees that are designed to absorb excess water.


No matter which problem you face, a beautiful lawn is within your reach. The first step is to identify the issue; then you can work to solve it and grow the yard you've always dreamed of. If you just can't seem to figure out why your lawn still isn't growing, it may be time to turn to a professional landscaper like Affordable Cuts.


29 April 2015

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