Get Ready For Your Upcoming River Rock Delivery


River rocks are a beautiful, natural landscaping feature, perfect for lining driveways and dressing up flowerbeds. River rocks are also very heavy, and moving them can be difficult and time consuming. If the area where your river rocks will be installed isn't ready when your river rock delivery arrives, you'll have to store the rocks elsewhere on your property and move them to their final destination at a later time. Getting the space ready for your river rocks ahead of time can cut out this time consuming, labor-intensive step.

Clear the Space

The area where your river rocks will be installed must be cleared of weeds, grass and sticks. If you leave living organic material on the ground beneath the rocks, some of that plant life will grow up around the rocks and will need to be dug out later. Use a hoe to clear the ground of roots and leaves. Remove all the organic material and compost it or throw it away.

Lay Landscape Fabric On the Ground

If you miss a few roots while you're hoeing the ground beneath the river rocks, those roots could later on sprout plants. Laying landscape fabric can prevent this from occurring. Landscape fabric can also prevent the river rocks from becoming incorporated into the soil, making it easier to remove the river rocks if you decide to do so in the future.

To lay your landscape fabric, cut the fabric in the shape of the space you cleared with the hoe. Spread the fabric over the ground and pin it down with fabric pins.

Install Your Decorative Plants

If you plan to install your river rock around any decorative shrubs or flowers, those plants will need to be put in the ground before the river rock arrives, because trying to install plants after the river rock has been laid on your landscape can be very difficult.

To install plants beneath the landscape fabric, cut a slit in the fabric around the spot where you want your plants to be located. Dig a hole in the area where you cut the slit, then condition the soil with compost and install your plants.

All this should be done a day or two before your rocks arrive from Stone Depot LLC to give the soil time to settle before the delivery. Finally, your river rock delivery company may request that you clear a space for the truck that will be delivering your rocks. Contact your river rock delivery service to find out ahead of time how much space the truck will need. 


22 April 2015

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