Four-O-Clocks: A Vibrant Flower To Include In Your Landscape


With their colorful, trumpet-shaped flowers and lush, green foliage, four-o-clocks are a lovely addition to any garden bed. They even grow well in pots, so you can use them in hanging baskets or planters. Four-o-clocks are named for their tendency to bloom in the evening, generally around four o'clock. Read on to learn more about these lovely flowers, and how to add them to your yard.

General Characteristics of Four-O-Clocks

Native to South America, four-o-clocks are often bright pink and yellow in color. Some flowers display stripes of bright pink and yellow on the same bloom, and others are stark white or red. Each flower has five petals. Four-o-clock leaves are oval-shaped, and their stems are plentiful and branching. Most varieties have a slight vanilla scent, which is most noticeable in the evening and after rainfall.

Four-O-Clock Poisoning

If you're considering growing four-o-clocks, there is one issue you need to be aware of – they contain a toxic substance that can cause skin irritation and gastrointestinal distress. The toxins are found primarily in the seeds and roots of the plant, but the leaves and flowers may contain small quantities. If you don't have children or pets, then you most likely don't need to worry about the possibility of four-o-clock poisoning. However, if you do have kids or pets, you'll either want to avoid planting these flowers entirely, or plant them in an area you know your little ones won't be able to access.

Tips for Growing Four-O-Clocks

Four-o-clocks are not particularly hard to grow, but you do need to provide them with the right conditions if you want them to be as vibrant and full as possible. They prefer full sunlight, though they will tolerate some shade. Four-o-clocks also have a high demand for nutrients, so enriching the soil with compose prior to planting is advised.

If growing four-o-clocks from seed, the seeds should be planted at about ¼ inch deep and watered well. The soil should be kept moist until germination, which generally occurs about 10 – 15 days after planting.

Four-o-clocks are a great addition to a garden bed. They look lovely when planted along the back of a bed, since they tend to grow quite tall. They're also a good choice for planting along a walkway, or around the trunk of a big tree. Make sure you place them in areas where you tend to linger in the evening, since this is when their blooms are open and fragrant.

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21 April 2015

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