The Importance Of A Sharp Lawn Mower Blade


Having a green and healthy lawn is not as simple as just mowing and watering. There are a lot of things that go into keeping a lawn healthy. One of the most important things is making sure that the lawn mower blade is sharp.

There are many negative effects that a dull blade can have on a lawn. A dull blade will not cut the grass smoothly. This means that a dull blade will leave the ends of the grass frayed which can cause the grass to become brown and unhealthy. A dull blade can also fail to cut part of the lawn which will leave patches of uncut grass. This will leave the grass looking uneven:

How Often Should a Blade Be Sharpened?

Each time that a lawn is cut, the lawn mower blade begins to dull. A person with a small lawn may only need to sharpen the blade once per season. A lawn mowing service that mows several lawns per week may need to sharpen the blade once per month or even more. By consistently sharpening the lawn mower blade, the lawn will be cut more smoothly and stay healthier.

When to Replace a Lawn Mower Blade?

It is true that a lawn mower blade can be sharpened many times before it needs to be replaced. However, there are times when there will be large dents, chips, or gashes in the blade that simply cannot be smoothed out. This type of damage can be seen by directly inspecting the blade.

If this type of damage does exist, it is probably time to purchase a new lawn mower blade. The grass will not be able to be cut properly when there are large chips and other major damage to the blade.

When replacing a lawn mower blade, it is important to make sure that the new blade is an exact match to the old blade. If the wrong size or type of blade is used, it can cause an imbalance in the lawn mower which can cause severe problems that will not only destroy the lawn but the lawn mower as well. Making sure that the blade is the correct size will allow the lawn mower to cut the lawn in a healthy manner.

A lawn mower blade will contribute significantly to the overall health and quality of the lawn. This is one area that should definitely not be neglected. To learn more, contact a company like Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc.


20 April 2015

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