How To Memorialize Your Loved Ones By Planting A Memorial Garden


People grieve in different ways. While some go to the cemetery faithfully to sit and talk to their loved ones, others rarely go. Some even have difficulty connecting with their loved ones at the cemetery because they don't have any good memories of their loved ones being there while they were alive. For the latter, certain objects, sights, smells and locations invoke strong memories of their loved ones. 

If you like remembering and talking to those that have passed on but don't like going to the cemetery, you may want to create a memorial garden in your own yard. Here's how to memorialize your loved ones by planting a memorial garden. 

Choose Size and Location

Before you can start selecting items for your garden, you must first decide where you want to put it and how big it will be. There are no rules here. You can turn a large portion of your yard into a memorial space or simply arrange a grouping of planter boxes on your deck or porch. You can even use an existing garden space or flower bed. It all depends on how much space you have and how much time, effort and money you want to put into it. 

Select Plants and Other Landscape Features

Personalize the space with flowers, plants and other features, such as a fountain, pond, path, bench or gazebo. When selecting items for your memorial garden, be sure to stay true to the memory of your loved one by incorporating some of their favorite things into the design of your garden. You can also select plants and flowers for their meaning. Flowers of a certain color can be used to symbolize your loved one's personality traits. For example, red is associated with passion and energy. Some species of flowers also have special meaning. 

Customize Headstone and Art

Carefully select and place a headstone or piece of artwork in your garden that includes your loved one's name and a special message. You can go the traditional route by selecting and customizing a granite headstone or you can get creative. For example, if your loved one loved motorcycles, you can use a bike or depiction of a bike for their memorial marker. 

As you can see, there aren't really any set rules when it comes to creating a memorial garden. All you need to do is create a space that reminds you of them -- a space where you can sit, think and stay connected to their memory. 


20 April 2015

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