Do You Want An Olive Tree? Here Is What You Need To Know About Water


If you're hoping to grow your own olive trees for production of olives to eat or for olive oil, you'll need to learn as much as you can about these trees before you begin planting. The olive tree thrives in dry Mediterranean climates, and some US growing zones, but they still need water to survive. This guide explains the water needs for an olive tree, as well as what can happen if you provide too much water.

Olive Trees Have Water Sensitivity

Olive trees are evergreen and they produce fruit. However, they need water to do that. Unfortunately, they can contract diseases or show signs of death if there is too much water. Some of the problems that you might see include:

  • drooping leaves
  • yellow leaves
  • brown spots on leaves
  • lack of olive production
  • defoliation

Olive Trees Need Water During Certain Conditions

Water your olive tree when you find that about a half a foot of soil surrounding the tree is dry. To do this, stick a hand shovel into the ground and pull it back out. If it feels damp to the touch, then the tree requires no more water. If you still can't tell, dig up some soil and physically touch it with your hands to see if it's moist.

Use the garden hose to supply the tree with water until about a half a foot of soil is moist. Do not allow water to pool around the tree, because this can create an over watering situation.

Caution: Check your weather forecast for the next week or so to see if rain is on the way. Watering your olive tree and then getting ample rain can spell disaster for your tree.

Olive Trees Can Come Back After Too Much Water

If your olive tree does get too much water from elements beyond your control, such as prolonged storms or an exceptionally rainy season, it can still come back from the damage. Typically, if an olive tree seems to be dying because of too much water, they may come back and begin producing again the next season. If this does not happen, then your tree is likely dead and should be replaced.

While there is nothing you can do to prevent your olive tree from getting too much rainwater, make sure that you are not watering it when it's not necessary. Ask your tree service expert, such as Advanced Arbor Care, for other tips and tricks to help your olive tree produce as many olives as you want for as many years as possible.


20 April 2015

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