Landscape Your Yard On A Low Budget


If you would like to spruce up the look of your yard, but you don't have a huge budget available to fund the projects it entails, there are a few ideas that you can use to keep costs on the lower end. Here are some tricks you can use to help boost the visual appeal of your yard at a price you can afford.

Making An Assessment

Take a stroll through your yard, evaluating each area as you walk through. Bring a notebook with you and jot down ideas about the areas where you would like to make changes. Draw a diagram of your yard and mark each area by importance. Knowing what your hopes are for the area can help you decide which parts are most important when you decide to purchase the materials needed to do the work. You can start in one area and work your way to another as you gain funds to do the projects. Remember that it can be done over time, rather than all at once.

Reducing Lawn Size

If you reduce the size of your lawn by replacing it with ground covering, pavers, stones, or floral arrangements, you will save money on expensive lawn maintenance. After the initial cost of the material, you will only need to do minimal maintenance rather than extensive treatments. The overall look of your yard can be altered in a huge way, as well.

Picking The Right Plants

When deciding which types of plants to add to your new arrangements, opt for perennials over annuals. This will save you a great deal of cash as you will not need to buy new flowers or plants each year. Buy plants that are native to the area where you live. These plants tend to use less fertilizer and do not need to adapt to new conditions in order to grow. Plant different heights and colors of flowers in your flower beds to make the most impact in your new landscape plan. A landscaping company like All Season Landscaping can help you decide on the right plants.

Adding Some Color

When you plant flowers in your yard, add a few annuals sporadically throughout, but instead of planting them inside the ground, place them in decorative containers. These can be moved around to different areas of your yard to change the look whenever you wish. Pick planters that are bright in color and noticeable even when they are empty, so that as the plants die off at the end of the season, they will still help make your yard look pleasing when waiting for the next season to begin.


18 April 2015

how to get the perfectly landscaped property you want

Landscaping can be a lot of fun, you can beautify your property and can actually increase the value of your home. Unfortunately, landscaping a lawn that has never been touched by a landscaper before can be difficult. You have to use the right kind of plants for the environment, know what to look for to address water control and what to do to make the design as easy to manage as possible. I have worked with my landscaper for several years to create a beautiful garden-like setting around my home. To find out what you need to know to accomplish the perfectly landscaped property you want read on.